'Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life' by Vivian Gornick

In Emma Goldman’s day, as in ours, many on the Left saw issues of sexuality, happiness, and what we might generally call the “personal” as peripheral to the class struggle. Yet Goldman herself demurred. She elucidated an anarchism that was a personal as well as a political platform, and, as the subtitle to Vivian Gornick’s book suggests, she lived it out in practice…. read more

Queer Rites: God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality

Like most people, I weathered the media panic surrounding the coming of Hurricane Irene. Although the rational part of me remained calm, the media frenzy seemed to want people to overreact. The loud chorus of doom had taken over every other item in the news. “Hurricane of the century,” “Hurricane of Hurricanes,” people were saying…. read more

'The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt' by Jon-Jon Goulian

Books like this aren’t supposed to exist anymore. Didn’t I just read an article on the front page of the New York Times, bemoaning the fact that today’s high school students just want Lady Macbeth to go on her meds, and find Holden Caulfield to be a whiny, privileged brat?  Haven’t we been told that… read more

'Dendrophile' by Justin Vivian Bond

When I saw John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus for the first time, I realized two things: first, that this was the first film to represent how I related to sexuality, friendship, and intimacy; and second, that I hadn’t even realized how unrepresented I’d been until then. Queer invisibility in history and society is, by now, a… read more