The Science of Writing a Successful Novel, The Portlandia Activity Book, and other LGBT News

In The News The Science of Writing a Hit Book Over at the A.V. Club, writer Jason Heller unpacks the implications of a recent Stony Brook University study that reveals the “mathematics” behind writing a successful book. On January 8, Inside Science reported that computer scientists at Stony Brook University had designed an algorithm allowing them to determine… read more

When Nobody’s Chasing You: The Romantic Comedy That Got Real

The first time I saw My Best Friend’s Wedding I was dismayed. At eight or nine, I had discovered the 1997 film among my maternal grandparents’ small, seemingly random VHS collection and then settled down for the evening to watch Julia Roberts scheme her way back into old flame Dermot Mulroney’s roguishly handsome heart. What… read more

Amy Scholder: There's a Riot Going On

Last month, The Feminist Press released the e-book Pussy Riot! A Punk Prayer for Freedom, compiling the lyrics, letters, legal statements and poems of the jailed members of the Russian feminist punk collective, with a portion of the proceeds dedicated to Pussy Riot’s legal defense fees. In addition to preserving an important historical moment for posterity, the book is a rigorous and intelligent read not to be missed.

The Editorial Director at The Feminist Press, Amy Scholder, took a moment to answer some of Lambda Literary’s questions about freedom, Pussy Riot, and putting the collection together…. read more

Jennifer Benka: Poetry in Motion

“I am personally interested in exploring the possibilities of poetry—to counter rhetoric, reinvigorate language, and uplift the material of the everyday.”

Jennifer Benka was recently named the new Executive Director of the Academy of American Poets. Having served as Managing Director of Poets & Writers for almost a decade and, most recently, as the National Director of Development and Marketing for 826 National, she’s also an accomplished writer in her own right.

Benka took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about the mission of the Academy of American Poets, her own personal inspirations, and the relationship between poetry and queerness…. read more

All the Pretty Ones

 “I don’t trust beauty anymore / when will I stop believing it?”                        – Reginald Shepherd To pretend that a conversation about beauty isn’t, in fact, a conversation about privilege is an act of privilege. When an emerging writer pens an essay praising Anne Sexton… read more

'Divining Divas' ed. by Michael Montlack

One-hundred pages into Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on Their Muses, I stopped thinking of it as a book and started thinking of it as a party. At the party, I was the guest of honor and all of the poets kept telling me how much they loved my hair—as a woman, reading Divining Divas… read more

What I'm Reading? 'Delta of Venus'

Right now I’m working my way through Anaïs Nin’s Delta of Venus—the pièce de résistance of all erotic literature. It’s a fascinating read from a postmodern feminist perspective, but more than that, it’s just incredibly sexy. I’m amazed at the wide range of erotic perspectives she captures in her stories. As a collection, the book… read more

Q & A with Charlie Vázquez

Charlie Vázquez, a radical writer of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, is the author of Buzz and Israel (Fireking Press 2004) and more recently, Contraband (QueerMojo 2010), which follows one man’s subterranean exile in the American Southwest. Recently we traded emails and he answered some of my questions about queer Latino politics, his inspirations for… read more