'A Gathering Storm' by Jameson Currier

“Currier’s novel is a grim one, but it is not purely a story of human cruelty. Currier weaves throughout strands of outrage, courage, uncertainty, denial, doubt—all typical human responses to tragedy.”… read more

'What Comes Around' by Jameson Currier

From an adolescent crush on a swimming instructor to the imagined drowning of a high maintenance boyfriend, Currier explores every aspect of relationships – the good, the bad, and the very dysfunctional – each set in a literary landscape perfectly crafted for the lovelorn. … read more

Jameson Currier: Round and Round

“I wouldn’t say that I discover new writers or new talent, I discover stories. If what someone has written and sent to me is a wonderful read, I will help publish it.”

The author/publisher/editor Jameson Currier discusses his newest novel, What Comes Around, how he manages to find time for sleep, and his holiday wish list…. read more

Queer Literary Magazine 'Chelsea Station' Releases First Issue

New LGBT literary magazine, Chelsea Station, is working to showcase the best in queer literature. Edited by Jameson Currier, the magazine’s first issue features six short stories, poetry, interviews, reviews, and even a one-act play and memoir. Though readers can find print and digital issues at select retailers, the Chelsea Station Editions bookstore will also… read more

'The Third Buddha' by Jameson Currier

The first chapter of Jameson Currier’s new novel, The Third Buddha (Chelsea Station Editions), begins with a Chelsea dinner party and ends with hot sex between two of the diners. The second chapter opens with a roadside explosion in Afghanistan that takes place three months before the opening festivities shown in the beginning of the… read more

Speculative Dimensions: July 2011

Introductions… Welcome to the revamped speculative fiction corner of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s website. Here’s the spot where chimera rules. We’ll be introducing you to shining new lights in the spec-fic universe and spotlighting the darkest, most fantastical works with reviews and interviews with their creators. … read more