'A Map of Everything' by Elizabeth Earley

Elizabeth Earley’s novel, A Map of Everything, which contains supplemental illustrations by artist Christa Donner, explores the aftermath of a tragedy and its effects on a family…. read more

Rick Whitaker: Other Voices

“Writing [An Honest Ghost] was very much like meditating: it required focus and steady effort, but also a kind of empty wandering, allowing the sentences to drift into place.”… read more

'An Honest Ghost' by Rick Whitaker

Whitaker’s novel is preoccupied with the mimetic impulse, the mind’s habit of hiding from itself and the possibility of change amongst the furniture of the past…. read more

'The Vicious Red Relic Love' by Anna Joy Springer

Springer uses journals, letters, myth, and doodles from feminist class lectures to create a interlocking puzzle map that guides readers on an intoxicating journey through the dyke community in 90s San Francisco…. read more