Notes on Smut: A Look at Lesbian Literary Erotics

If everyone is used to objectifying women, like it’s just a thing used to sell toothpaste and jeans and trick us into watching rom-coms, how do you write about sex and the erotic in a way that only the intended audience is picking up what you’re putting down?… read more

The Year in Queer Poetry

2010 was a great year for LGBT poetry, bringing us some exciting new voices, books, and trends. As the year comes to an end, here are some of the highlights: This fall seminal poet Mary Oliver, whom The Weekly Standard has described as “among the finest poets the English language has ever produced,” published Swan:… read more

Eileen Myles: On Her Own Terms

Poet. Professor. Thought-provoker. Don’t call Eileen Myles’ new novel, Inferno, a memoir. Although, Myles’ main character is an aspiring poet named Eileen Myles who leaves Boston for a mythical downtown Manhattan in the 70’s to become a poet-cum-rock-star, any verisimilitude is at once intentional and a contradiction in terms. Like her protagonist Myles went to… read more

Inferno (a poet's novel) by Eileen Myles

Well I’ll be a poet. What could be more foolish and obscure. I became a lesbian. From “An American Poem” by Eileen Myles Inferno is a chameleon. Some readers will come to Inferno (OR Books) for its story about how to become a poet. Some readers will want its imaginative history of New York in… read more

[Trailer] 'Inferno (a poet's novel)' by Eileen Myles

Perhaps one of the most powerful video trailers we’ve seen all summer comes from “the rock star of modern poetry” (Bust) Eileen Myles. Check out this quote from Alison Bechdel: I was completely stupefied by Inferno in the best of ways. In fact, I think I must feel kind of like Dante felt after seeing the… read more