'Scenes from Early Life' by Philip Hensher

Late in Scenes from Early Life, a character declares: “It is quite an ordinary story, but the implications are tremendous.” This summarizes Philip Hensher’s memoir-like novel perfectly. While the individual chapters describe conventional life and seemingly mundane events as understood by a young boy, the setting of the novel is what makes it extraordinary. The… read more

‘The End of Your Life Book Club’ by Will Schwalbe

Will Schwalbe has accomplished something incredible with The End of Your Life Book Club. He’s created a touching memoir that simultaneously provides an accounting of a bittersweet period of his life and celebrates the life-long good works of his amazing mother…. read more

'Gorgeous Gallery: The Best in Gay Erotic Art’ by David Leddick

David Leddick has produced a colourful art book of absurdly handsome men. E-readers will never be able to replace this sort of presentation, a beautifully printed book on slick heavy paper. It’s so good looking that, like a new model boyfriend, you’ll want to show it off. He calls the collection Gorgeous Gallery: The Best in Gay Erotic Art… read more

‘King of Angels’ by Perry Brass

There is much to be admired and enjoyed in Perry Brass’s latest novel but it’s slightly buried behind a misleading veneer. Brass often writes about spirituality and sexuality in his fiction. He has written a number of speculative fiction novels and even a time-travel novel about angels. The title, King of Angels (Belhue Press), has… read more

'My Movie' by David Pratt

David Pratt offers an assortment of both experimental and conventional narratives in his new fourteen-story collection, My Movie (Chelsea Station Editions). The experimental stories generate some noteworthy rewards, but it is the more traditional stories that are much more appealing and fulfilling in scope. Told from a character’s unique point of view, the conventional stories… read more

'Sweet Like Sugar' by Wayne Hoffman

Sweet Like Sugar (Kensington Books) is a charming novel that describes the convergence of a young man’s openly gay identity with his previously pushed aside Jewish beliefs. Benji Steiner is a 26-year-old secular Jew. Benji was raised in a Conservative Jewish family. As a young man, he attended Hebrew school and had a Bar Mitzvah…. read more

'The Third Buddha' by Jameson Currier

The first chapter of Jameson Currier’s new novel, The Third Buddha (Chelsea Station Editions), begins with a Chelsea dinner party and ends with hot sex between two of the diners. The second chapter opens with a roadside explosion in Afghanistan that takes place three months before the opening festivities shown in the beginning of the… read more