‘Christodora’ by Tim Murphy

Christodora is an HIV/AIDS novel like no other. It stands apart largely because it is not trying to tell history. Rather, it is taking stories from a place and time and putting them through the prism of literature… read more

Sean Strub: AIDS, History, and Survival

“I’m not buying into ‘we were all heroes’ and ‘we changed the world’ and all that stuff. That’s just too rah-rah and simplistic; we deserve a more nuanced understanding of those times and how it affected us, what motivated us then and what the outcomes are today.”… read more

Canonizing AIDS History: What Will We Learn?

History should always trump nostalgia because “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” Whoever first said these words—baseball icon Yogi Berra, French actress Simone Signoret, or New Yorker magazine writer Peter De Vries—they apply to the history of AIDS activism…. read more

Political Funerals

“One thing I learned in writing for mainstream magazines, as a gay man, who often wanted to write about gay stuff–death and homophobia and boyfriends, assuming those are separate categories–was that straight men, straight male editors–and straight women, just as often, I should add–thought that if they ran one piece about homophobia or AIDS or gay rights or Lesbian Avengers, they had covered the entire topic for all time…”… read more