'Gay Genius' edited by Annie Murphy

Gay Genius comes with its own definition at the back of the book. The Romans thought genius was a guardian spirit, but it also means an influential person or one with high mental ability. Readers are given sample usage as well: “Your gay genius astounds me” or “ Last night my gay genius appeared to… read more

'A Queer History of the United States' by Michael Bronski and 'Queer America: A People’s LGBT History of the United States' by Vicki L. Eaklor

Scholars from many disciplines engage in heated debates over the definition and role of LGBT Studies. They question whether LGBT Studies should be an independent academic discipline, or if LGBT Studies scholars should “queer” the curriculum. They also question whether or not LGBT populations have distinct histories and cultures parallel to those of “heterosexual” communities… read more

'Subtle Bodies' by Peter Dubé

The poet returns home. He ignites the gas. He waits. In the novella Subtle Bodies: A Fantasia on Voice, History, and René Crevel, the ending is known from the beginning. It is while waiting for his assured death that Surrealist poet René Crevel tells his story, and it is the seeming lack of suspense in that certain… read more