Archie Comics, Really Big Coloring Books, and Other LGBT News

In September of 2010, Dan Parent of Archie Comics added Kevin Keller to the mix, making him the first gay character in the history of Archie Comics. And in February of 2012, Kevin Keller got a series of his own, and around the same time, he also appeared as an adult in Life with Archie… read more

'The Harvey Milk Interviews: In His Own Words' edited by Vince Emery

With the publication of The Harvey Milk Interviews, editor Vince Emery humanizes the slain politician, allowing Milk’s own words to temper the hagiography advanced by Randy Shilts’s The Mayor Of Castro Street, as well as the subsequent documentary that brought Milk to a wider audience…. read more

Harvey Milk & the Politics of Neighborhood Life

Friends Remember Mayor of Castro St From 1992-1995, I lived in San Francisco. I stumbled into a job working 12-8 AM shifts at a housing program for people living with HIV/AIDS. I spent most of those late night shifts listening to the residents at the facility tell stories. My greatest surprise was how meaningful people… read more