'Lake Thirteen' by Greg Herren

In less than five pages of Lake Thirteen (Soliloquy), Greg Herren yanks you into a tale of fear and love. Once started, I stayed and read to the finish this combination of teen romance and ghost story, unable to put it down. Of course, coming from the master of gay horror and mystery writing, this… read more

Valentine Hearts

Last Night I Dreamed I Went to Manderley Again At first glance Greg Herren’s Timothy (Bold Strokes Books, 2012, www.boldstrokesbooks.com) may simply appear to be an entertaining gay rewrite of Daphne du Maurier’s darkly romantic classic, Rebecca. However, in Timothy, du Maurier’s questions about the subjection of female identity in marriage—du Maurier’s heroine has no name… read more

GunnShots: Spring 2012

Giving up trying to stay abreast of all the gay crime novels and m/m romance-mysteries appearing weekly, I relied heavily this winter on name recognition, blurbs, and the impression created by opening pages to guide me to my reading choices. Thus, new works by old friends dominate this column: Hal Bodner, Dorien Grey, Greg Herren,… read more

Speculative Dimensions: July 2011

Introductions… Welcome to the revamped speculative fiction corner of the Lambda Literary Foundation’s website. Here’s the spot where chimera rules. We’ll be introducing you to shining new lights in the spec-fic universe and spotlighting the darkest, most fantastical works with reviews and interviews with their creators. … read more

GunnShots: Summer 2011

Finally I succumbed and bought an e-book reader. I’ve not quite made the mental switch yet, with the results that I have twenty-two new mysteries downloaded but unread. The majority of them are really romances, but a few are obviously squarely in the traditional genre…. read more

Greg Herren: The Art of Doing It All

I always wonder how long I can keep up the pace I’m on—but the irony is the pace never slows; it actually picks up. Sometimes just thinking about it makes me tired, so I tend to not think about my pace. I just make a to-do list and plow through… Greg Herren is busier than… read more

Rejection is all a Part of the Game

On Not Taking It Personally Rejection. There’s nothing worse than experiencing rejection in any aspect of your life. That hottie you want won’t even look at you. The promotion you’ve worked your ass for went to someone else. And your brilliant story, with its vivid characterizations, setting and beautiful use of language, has been turned… read more

GunnShots: Spring 2011

A Roundup of Gay Crime Writing by Wayne Gunn Pickings were so slim all winter long that I thought there would be no spring column. But in March, a few worthy reads popped up at my favorite bookstore. Missing from their number was Rob Rosen’s anticipated Hawaiian comedy Hot Lava. It seems to be available… read more

Victoria Brownworth: The Activist Writer

“I turn everything into activism.” Columnist, editor, award-winning journalist, cancer survivor, community leader and cat shelterer is adding a new title to her CV: publisher. Her new imprint, Tiny Satchel Press aims to provide smart, thoughtful books for young LGBT readers—especially queer readers of color. We chatted via email about her newly released anthology of… read more