'Snackies' by Nick Sumida

If a snack is a tasty little bite of fun food between meals, a snackie must be an even tinier, more fun-filled nibble of something good. And that’s exactly what Nick Sumida serves up in his collection of mini-comics… read more

Call for Submissions: Prism Comics Queer Press Grant

Every year, Prism Comics awards the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant to assist in the publication and promotion of LGBT comics. The grant is funded by donors who are either creators who want to help others just starting out, or fans who want to see more LGBT creators get published. Queer Press Grant Application Process… read more

A.K. Summers: Tales of the Pregnant Butch

“… I was talking it over with a friend who asked what I thought I would look like pregnant. Without thinking, I answered, ‘like a pregnant Tintin,’ and drew her a sketch of the boy reporter with hair flip, knee britches and beach ball under his sweater. For me, this image represented a best-case scenario for how I might embody pregnancy.”… read more