On Writing a Gay Political Thriller

“In most people’s minds, the gay genre was only about sex loosely disguised by some modicum of a story with the plot points all pointing to bed.”… read more

David Margolick: John Horne Burns and the Dreadful Life

“One doesn’t think of Burns as courageous or engaged–his great intellect and rather supercilious attitude had let him float above everything — but writing so explicitly about gays, and advocating for them, in 1947 was an act of enormous courage. “

David Margolick took some time to talk with the Lambda Literary Review about his interest in John Horne Burns, the challenges of writing about a person who was often disliked, and learning about twentieth century gay life…. read more

Read an Excerpt from 'I Told You So: Gore Vidal Talks Politics'

This November, OR Books, will be releasing I Told So: Gore Vidal Talks Politics—writer and radio host Jon Wiener’s exciting compilation of four interviews with Gore Vidal. Vidal, who died this past July, is known for his groundbreaking work as a novelist, essayist, and screenwriter—often exploring themes of homosexuality and social injustices—though he was “never… read more

Gore Vidal: Vital Punk

“Gore Vidal was entertaining but he was also, like Larry Kramer, challenging. He was fearless, fiercely intelligent, and well spoken. I can’t imagine him ever losing an argument or breaking a sweat. But he was homework, and people don’t like homework.”… read more

Freeing (Black) Science Fiction From The Chains Of Race

Having just finished an out of this world (literally) short piece by African-American author Octavia E. Butler, Andre Seewood writes: “this overarching and obsessive need to see all science fiction by African-Americans as a metaphor or commentary on slavery or racial inequities tends to make the question of race a central theme within the work… read more