'Gephyromania' by TC Tolbert

“Taken as a whole, the pulse behind Gephyromania is that of a seeker who finds meaning not in what is found, but in the act itself.”… read more

The Banal and the Profane: Kelli Dunham

“[…] it’s a good time to sign a lease, because I’ve got a full time day job right now, and so my income looks real. Book royalties never look real, even when they are. My goal is to die in this apartment, which I know might sound depressing if you live somewhere else, but in New York this is an expression of hope.”

This month’s “Banal and Profane” comes to us from writer and comedienne Kelli Dunham.

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Scholar Amalia Ziv on Being Queer and it's Importance as an Identity

In a recent interview with Haazretz, Tel Aviv based scholar and author Amalia Ziv talks about her life as a parent and her new book, subtitled Queer Theory, Pornography and the Politics of Sexuality, which explores why ‘queer’ is a more up to date term than ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’—among other topics. Attending to this issue, Ziv explains… read more

'Roving Pack' By Sassafras Lowrey

The coarse, hard-nosed, levelheaded, and altogether loveable Click has been schooled by years of abuse and homelessness.  With a recently-expired restraining order against hir mother, a spying grandmother, and a slipshod father, Click has had to make it on hir own from a young age.  Now 19, and as an active participant in the Portland,… read more