Jack Halberstam: Queers Create Better Models of Success

In September 2011, Duke University published Jack Halberstam’s most recent book, The Queer Art of Failure, a fascinating examination of how “we conceive of the idea of failure in our society, not so that we may correct ourselves, but so that we may see how our various ‘failures’ may actually produce a preferable alternative to conformist lifestyles and the status quo.”

Sinclair Sexsmith sat down with Halberstam to talk pronouns, Occupy Wall Street, queer parenting, gay marriage, academics, butch identity, and the queer art of failure…. read more

'Deviations: A Gayle Rubin Reader' by Gayle S. Rubin

Through Rubin’s essays, readers will gain insight into the tenuous transition from second to third wave feminism, the pre-history and birth of queer theory, and the emergence of LGBT cultural studies from the margins of society to a legitimate field of academic and institutional research. … read more

Is There, or Should There Be, Such a Thing as 'Trans Lit'?

There’s a problem right away. If someone like Gore Vidal or Jeffrey Eugenides writes a book about a trans person it is hailed as brilliantly edgy, but if a trans person does the same thing it is likely to be rejected as the work of a self-obsessed weirdo…. read more