'Speechless' by Hannah Harrington

“Keeping secrets isn’t my specialty,” declares 16-year-old Chelsea Knot. Talking about everyone and everything is her specialty—the key to her social status. After all, gossip is how she became best friends with Kristen, one of the most popular girls in school who is about to attend the best New Year’s Eve party ever. When Chelsea… read more

Ivan Coyote: On Queer Youth, Spoken Word, and the Writing Life

“I think it is definitely easier to come out, but not necessarily easier to be out. There are more queer role models out there, for sure, but we have to ask ourselves if the role models presented to us by popular culture are realistic ones…”

Ivan Coyote’s stories (both on and off the page) have been described as the “good old-fashioned kitchen table” kind and are a brilliant combination of funny, surprising, and painful, but most of all, honest in a way that renders each narrative beautiful. This year, Arsenal Pulp Press released Ivan’s newest collection of stories, One in Every Crowd, a book written specifically for queer youth. Ivan was kind enough to speak with the Lambda Literary Review about the book, the kids who inspired it, and working as a writer/performer.
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'Way to Go' by Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan’s first novel, Way to Go (Orca Book Publishers), is not the sex comedy its publicity materials would have you to believe. Instead, the book presents a classic bildungsroman—that is, a conventional coming-of-age story. While the protagonist attempts to negotiate his romantic feelings for men throughout the narrative, his closeted homosexuality serves as a… read more

Laura Goode: Making Mischief

“It’s that gay kid in Minnesota, surrounded by people who practice intolerance, who needs to know that there are adults out there rooting for him or her. That was a big motivator for me in writing a gay coming of age story, feeling like there are kids out there who need help…”… read more

Young Adult: Under the Influence of Books

We at Lambda Literary asked a bunch of our favorite queer and allied authors, filmmakers and artists (Bruce LaBruce, Susan Miller, Simon Doonan, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, and many more) to answer the question: when you were younger, what was your favorite YA novel? And why?… read more

'Boyfriends with Girlfriends' by Alex Sanchez

In this current novel, Sanchez deals with the issue of friendship: between straight/gay/lesbian/bisexual teens, and the interplay of friendship and/or sexual definitions when romance, self-esteem, and culture enter the picture. … read more

Amelia Roskin-Frazee: Making It Safe

Fifteen-year-old lesbian activist Amelia Roskin-Frazee who organized her middle school’s first GSA has gone on to found the Make It Safe Project which provides packages of LGBTQ focused books to schools and homeless shelters across the country.

Lambda caught up with Amelia to talk with her about the Make it Safe project, her involvement in LGBTQ activism, and the role books play in the coming out process…. read more

'Beauty Queens' by Libba Bray

Don’t be misled by the bikini-clad model on the cover of Beauty Queens (Scholastic Press); this is decidedly not a simple hot-girls-on-an-island story. Author Libba Bray, a Printz award-winner, addresses corporate abuse of power, the culture of fear that is perpetuated through advertising, and restrictive gender binaries in this engaging book…. read more

Shine On: Lauren Myracle and the National Book Award Debacle

Imagine you wrote a book and it was shortlisted for the National Book Award.  Imagine the excitement you would feel getting the phone call telling you that your words are being recognized for their literary excellence.  Now imagine finding out you were nominated by accident because your book’s title sounds similar to the one that… read more