Jay Bell: Something Like Love

Jay Bell, the winner of the 25th annual Lambda Literary Award in Gay Romance for his novel, Kamikaze Boys (Jay Bell Books), lives in Germany with his husband, artist and industrial designer Andreas Bell. I asked Jay how the two met…. read more

And the Winner is...

Envy the judges who were privileged to weigh the merits of the five finalists in Gay Romance for the 25th Annual Lambda Literary Awards, but pity them, too, because they can only pick one winner, a task I would personally find impossible to do. The reader of any of these outstanding gay romances will be… read more

Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Dreams Come True

Missionary Position Companions (Nich’ooni) is an astonishingly powerful self-published novel by Jed A. Bryan (BecHavn,2012) that explores two unfamiliar American folk cultures, the Mormon Church and the Navajo Nation. In 1968, young Anglo missionary, Elder Johnny McKay is teamed up with his Pueblo-German missionary companion, Elder Geoffrey Rama, to preach the Mormon faith to “God’s… read more

Romance and Religion: Anne Brooke and Dennis Paul Stradford

Since the major religious festivals of the Spring Equinox cycle are underway I thought I’d take a look at two romance writers whose Christian faith informs their writing. G. K. Chesterton wrote, “The very word ‘romance’ has in it the mystery and ancient meaning of Rome.” But this mystery can have a sinister aspect as… read more

Valentine Hearts

Last Night I Dreamed I Went to Manderley Again At first glance Greg Herren’s Timothy (Bold Strokes Books, 2012, www.boldstrokesbooks.com) may simply appear to be an entertaining gay rewrite of Daphne du Maurier’s darkly romantic classic, Rebecca. However, in Timothy, du Maurier’s questions about the subjection of female identity in marriage—du Maurier’s heroine has no name… read more

Romance in Theory and Practice

Theory I’d like to think we’re past the controversy over straight women who write and read m/m romance, but the Sturm und Drang that arises every time I mention the subject in this column makes me appreciate the service that best-selling romance adventure writer Geoffrey Knight has performed for the gay and m/m romance communities… read more

Book Lovers: Get Booked! Romance Reading at Las Vegas Pride

Get Booked! Romance Reading at Las Vegas Pride Get Booked, one of the few remaining independent LGBT bookstores in the country right here in my hometown of choice, Las Vegas, celebrated Las Vegas Pride in September with a reading by three leading m/m romance authors, J. P. Bowie, James Buchanan, and Marshall Thornton…. read more

Book Lovers: Ban This! The Novels of Elliott Mackle

When acclaimed gay novelist Elliott Mackle asked the director of the University of Miami’s writers’ workshop if he had any talent, the director replied, “Talent?  Of course you have talent but talent is cheap.  You have to write and write and write and see what you come up with and where you can go.”… read more

Book Lovers: Places I Read About on My Summer Vacation

Being flat broke in Vegas and not much of a world traveler in any case, I let my imagination soar above baggage checks and TSA searches to journey to exotic locales safe in the hands of some capable m/m romance writers.  If your vacation hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, it isn’t too late to… read more