In Remembrance: Ethan Day

Ethan Day was a romance author and one of the founding organizers of the Gay Romance Literary Convention … read more

The Banal and the Profane: Frederick Smith

“Writing a book takes time and money. I’d like consumers—whether they’re friends, family or otherwise—to treat writers with the same respect as other workers and artists who produce a product.”… read more


Janus is the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions; he looks to the past and to the future. Janus is usually depicted with two faces. I’d like to re-appropriate this ancient archetype as the god of transitioning genders for the first book I will review by L.A. Witt that was just reissued in January. Then… read more

Winter Tales

Winter is one of the most magical of seasons, at once dark and luminous. The winter holidays also carry with them some of our deepest memories of the old religion present in the Solstice wreath, the Yule tree, and the holly and the ivy. The first two romances I review in this month’s “Book Lovers”… read more


Welcome Back, Joe Joe Harding has come home after an eighteen-month tour of duty in Vietnam in Elliott Mackle’s latest Joe Harding book, Welcome Home, Captain Harding from Lethe Press. Mackle has a way of opening our eyes to the present by remembering the past. Just as our Afghan troops are recycled in and out… read more

Seattle Conference Spreads the Love about LGBTQ Romance Fiction

This fall, writers and readers of LGBTQ romance have another good excuse to visit Seattle’s striking Central Library at the corner of 4th and Spring, in the middle of the city’s bustling financial district. On Saturday, September 14, in the library’s 275-seat auditorium, fans from around the region will gather to celebrate the Gay Romance… read more

Book Lovers: Raining Men

Rick R. Reed’s Raining Men It’s Raining Men (Dreamspinner Press, 2013) for Bobby Nelson in this superb sequel to Rick R. Reed’s best-seller, Chaser, and though Bobby’s hot looks (he describes himself as “fortunate”) and horn-dog attitude keep him awash in men, his soul is as dried up as a desert lake bed. Fans of the popular Chaser may remember Bobby as the kind of romance… read more