'Boy Erased' by Garrard Conley

In Boy Erased, there’s just the uneasy co-existence between a cultural geography Conley has been conditioned to accept that doesn’t—and won’t—accept him back…. read more

'Body Geographic' by Barrie Jean Borich

In her third creative non-fiction book Body Geographic, creative writing professor Barrie Jean Borich traces the development of her identity as an American, a Midwesterner, a woman, a lesbian, and a writer. … read more

'Blind: A Memoir' by Belo Miguel Cipriani

Book jackets are always asking us: What would you do if…? And a memoir allows us a peek into someone’s experience to learn from them, feel some catharsis, and know more about ourselves once we’ve read it. Blind: A Memoir  (Wheatmark) by Belo Cipriani asks: What would you do if you were blinded mid-life by… read more

'If You Knew Then What I Know Now' by Ryan Van Meter

I have written a few reviews for LLF over the last couple of years, but I have never said this about any book I’ve reviewed: this is a book I wish I had written. This was not the first time I had read Van Meter’s work, having read his essays in top literary journals such… read more

‘She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Mother’ by Bryan Batt

Lambda Literary Award Finalist When last we saw Mad Men’s Sal Romano (played by out actor Bryan Batt), the semi-closeted art director was calling his wife from a pay phone, and not telling her he had just been fired from his job after refusing a male client’s demand for sex. Sal’s future on the show… read more

'Advocate Days & Other Stories' By Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson has lived in exciting times.  Growing up in northern California in the 60s with a passion for journalism and advocacy, he was perfectly situated to join the staff of The Advocate, first as a freelancer, soon rising to become Senior and Cultural Editor.  He writes of his personal journey, and the changes he… read more

'The Pure Lover' by David Plante

Lambda Award Finalist Before he begins the story itself, David Plante quotes a line from the journals of his partner, Nikos Stangos: “Please let me make the fragments meaningful.”  What follows is a recounting of Stangos’ life, death, and forty-year relationship with Plante, author of several nonfiction books and novels, including The Family, which was… read more