'Qu33r' edited by Robert Kirby

“Comics have grown up quite a bit, and queer cartoonists are making confident, sophisticated works that are finding readers across the entire landscape of publishing.”… read more

In Defense of the (Superhero) Sissy

Mainstream superhero comic books are having a moment with the inclusion of a host of new LGBT characters. Yet, with all the queer characters, there is nary an out and proud sissy…… read more

Shapes / Superman

“I can get caught up in details and miss the big picture. A face without a body, a body without a face; a perfect body with an imperfect personality—the picture is never quite complete.” As a kid, my drawings usually began with an eye or a pair of lips. The eye would lead into a… read more

'Julio's Day' by Gilbert Hernandez

Julio’s Day is the story of Julio’s life, spanning one hundred years, and covering approximately the same amount of pages. The pace of this graphic novel, which compiles a story originally serialized in Love and Rockets comics (with the addition of 36 pages), is set by this century timeline that runs through it. Just as… read more

Jon Macy: Queer Visual Splendor

“What people don’t get is that adult themes are not just restricted to prose; they are perfectly suited to comics as well.”

Graphic novelist Jon Macy took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about the power of queer comics, creating erotic material, and his Lambda Award winning graphic novel Teleny and Camille…. read more

'Not My Bag' by Sina Grace

Retail is a service industry, one that promotes the work ethic “the customer is always right.”  Bending over backwards to please customers might increase sales, but it takes its toll on retail staff, who must remain ever-solicitous, even to customers who are wrong, criminally insane, or blatantly ripping off the store.  Add to that the… read more