'The Lengths' by Howard Hardiman

Though Hardiman’s graphic novel examines a specific underground culture (gay male escorts in London), the questions it asks and the feelings it explores are universal…. read more

In Defense of the (Superhero) Sissy

Mainstream superhero comic books are having a moment with the inclusion of a host of new LGBT characters. Yet, with all the queer characters, there is nary an out and proud sissy…… read more

Keeping Up with the Gays of DC and Marvel : New York Comic Con

Comic book and graphic novel fans are taking to the streets this weekend for New York’s annual Comic Con festival. Over the past decade comic books have introduced an increasing number openly gay and lesbian characters, including Batwoman (Kathy Kane), the Green Lantern (Alan Scott), the Avenger’s Lightspeed (Julie Power), and many many more. Check… read more

'Spandex: Fast and Hard' by Martin Eden

Martin Eden’s characters proportions are more indie than mainstream superhero – don’t come here if you’re looking for massive thighs or monstrous breasts. His drawing style is simple but emotionally expressive enough to draw you into the characters and inspire you to follow their stories. … read more