David Margolick: John Horne Burns and the Dreadful Life

“One doesn’t think of Burns as courageous or engaged–his great intellect and rather supercilious attitude had let him float above everything — but writing so explicitly about gays, and advocating for them, in 1947 was an act of enormous courage. “

David Margolick took some time to talk with the Lambda Literary Review about his interest in John Horne Burns, the challenges of writing about a person who was often disliked, and learning about twentieth century gay life…. read more

Comedian Tig Notaro's Forthcoming Album and Book Deal

On August 3rd stand-up comedian Tig Notaro performed an awe-inspiring set focused on her breast cancer diagnosis at the Largo in Los Angeles. The routine has now become “one of the most talked about moments in the comedy world.”

Ecco Press has announced that Notaro’s collection of autobiographical essays, detailing her experience dealing with cancer, is set for publication in 2015…. read more

'For the Ferryman: A Personal History' by Charles Silverstein

One of the heroes responsible for changing the medical establishment’s understanding that gay people can be sane, Silverstein helped sway the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1973. What’s most disturbing (or exonerating) about For the Ferryman is that even a shrink of Silverstein’s stature can be sucked into a tumultuous psycho-dependent relationship…. read more

'Gay American Autobiography' Edited by David Bergman

Lambda Award Finalist It’s got everything, almost, this painstakingly inclusive anthology hosted by David Bergman, earnest pioneer in unearthing disregarded gay and lesbian autobiographical writings. The jacket copy can’t be improved on: here’s “a diverse array of American men of African, European, Jewish, Asian, and Latino heritage,” with “tattoo artists and academics, composers and drag… read more