'The Gilded Razor: A Memoir ' by Sam Lansky

Sensitively written, Lansky’s memoir grapples with his demons—his parents’ divorce, his infatuation with the glamorous life of New York City, and his reliance on sex and drugs to mask his self-hatred and low esteem… read more

'Things Half in Shadow’ by Alan Finn

Alan Finn mines the fertile history of post-Civil War Philadelphia and the country’s obsession with Spiritualism during that period to craft a superbly rich, historically-detailed whodunit in Things Half in Shadowread more

‘Teaching the Cat to Sit’ by Michelle Theall

“Michelle Theall’s new memoir, Teaching the Cat to Sit, brings some big topics—God, sexuality, abuse, loneliness, love, family—to the page. It’s a rocky ride, full of contentious conversations, frank disclosures, and plenty of struggle.”… read more

'The Heavens Rise' by Christopher Rice

Readers who held out hope that the son of Anne Rice would eventually find his way to the dark side will rejoice over his latest novel, The Heavens Rise (Gallery Books). Those lamenting the time it took him to get here shouldn’t because the years Christopher Rice spent sharpening his literary teeth over the course of… read more