'The Art of History' by Christopher Bram

Bram’s The Art of History, Unlocking the Past in Fiction & Nonfiction is a brisk and entertaining jog through 29 great books and how authors grappled with history in their writing… read more

'The American Isherwood' edited by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman

The basic tenet of the artfully edited The American Isherwood by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman (University of Minnesota Press) is that a writer owns nothing else but his experience. In this sense, Christopher Isherwood was an “existentialist,” not in a murky hopeless way but by firmly clutching the idea that experience counts as… read more

Gore Vidal: Devil with a Soul

In Sympathy for the Devil: Four Decades of Friendship with Gore Vidal (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) author Michael Mewshaw reveals an individual as gorgeous as any of Vidal’s historical or fictional characters. His portrayal of Vidal is not a bouquet, yet it does reflect the love of a friendship lasting four decades. Mewshaw was in awe of… read more

Sean Strub: AIDS, History, and Survival

“I’m not buying into ‘we were all heroes’ and ‘we changed the world’ and all that stuff. That’s just too rah-rah and simplistic; we deserve a more nuanced understanding of those times and how it affected us, what motivated us then and what the outcomes are today.”… read more

Canonizing AIDS History: What Will We Learn?

History should always trump nostalgia because “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” Whoever first said these words—baseball icon Yogi Berra, French actress Simone Signoret, or New Yorker magazine writer Peter De Vries—they apply to the history of AIDS activism…. read more

Martin Duberman: History Lessons

“I think more gay people need to acknowledge that we have had a different experience growing up and therefore our relationships are somewhat different and our general stance on the world is much more ironic and anti-authoritarian than the mainstream…”

Noted writer and historian Martin Duberman took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about the history of the LGBT movement and the future of radical politics…. read more