A Look at the Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival

“Before there was the Internet, there was Frank O’Hara. We’re just as a culture finally catching up to his manic speed and endlessly divisible attention span”

Event moderator Adam Fitzgerald on the Frank O’Hara Fire Island Pines Poetry Festival…. read more

Learning to Poem: The Lifespan of a Literary Crush

 “A strange den or music room                                                                         childhood” –Frank O’Hara Mother works at the Aurora Family Care Center, a low and long brick nursing home on the east side of town, set back from the highway next to a trailer park, shielded from both by two lines of scrubby pine trees. The nursing home is… read more

Aaron Smith, "Christopher Street Pier (Evening)"

For our last Spotlight of National Poetry Month, we’re thrilled to bring you three poems from Aaron Smith’s forthcoming Appetite. Smith is the author of Blue on Blue Ground, winner of the 2004 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize and a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. His chapbooks include What’s Required, winner of the 2003 Frank O’Hara Chapbook Award, and Men in Groups…. read more

Poems for Your Queerly Beloved

Need some help wooing your honey this Valentine’s Day? Here are fourteen of our favorite queer love poems, rounded up from LambdaLiterary.org and across the web. Who better to start us off than Sappho? In this fragment, translated by Richard Lattimore, she describes just how much havoc a crush can wreak: “Let me only glance… read more