'Lovers' by Daniel Arsand

Lovers (Europa Editions) by French author Daniel Arsand is a book reveling in love in all its forms: love between men, love between parent and child, temporary love, and everlasting love…… read more

Brontez Purnell: Love, Compassion, and Rock & Roll

‘I basically wanted to do a zine that reflected what I was feeling at the time. With Fag School, I hadn’t really seen a zine or at least a personal gay zine that dealt with the difficult subject of gay sex with both humor and frank talk. It covered some real issues. Race, the condom code…”… read more

The Bullies Reading: Queer Punk Rock Church

The artists presented themselves and their unfiltered stories – not fearlessly or unapologetically, not seeking approval of the LGBT powers that be, but just as it is, come what may, tarted up in nothing but the moment…. read more