My First Queer Book? 'Curious Wine'

At seventeen, I had a penchant for cherry lip-gloss and making fun of dykes who wore boys’ clothes. Then a teacher lent me a worn green paperback. “Just read it,” she said. At three the next morning, I’d finished Katherine V. Forrest’s Curious Wine (The Naiad Press), and was sobbing on my floor. Loving another… read more

My First Queer Book? 'Ice Blues'

According to Tim Capehart: In 1987, Richard Stevenson’s Ice Blues came across the counter at the library where I worked the summer between freshman and sophomore years in college. I’d just started dating my first serious boyfriend, but none of my family or friends knew I was gay. I read it in secret and loved tough,… read more

My First Queer Book? 'Borrowed Time'

My first gay book was Borrowed Time by Paul Monette, for better or worse.  I say that because, at the time, around 1990, I was a gung ho queen bursting out of the closet.  Though the book was well-written, it was also a poignant testament to the horrors of AIDS.  The first line was “I… read more