'Living a Feminist Life' by Sara Ahmed

Living a Feminist Life is sectioned into three parts which cover, respectively, the path and necessity of becoming feminist, the challenges of diversity work, and the consequences of being deliberate in one’s feminism… read more

Zipless: A Queer Look at Erica Jong's 'Fear of Flying'

Fear of Flying, Jong’s first novel after publishing two volumes of poetry, turned 40 years old this year, and the celebration of its reissue reveals the sad fact that Jong’s groundbreaking work is still woefully misunderstood. … read more

Doris Lessing: Writing the Female Sex

“The work of women, and how women live, is still diminished and demeaned, most especially if those women don’t play nice, which Lessing, famously curmudgeonly, did not.”… read more

'White Girls' by Hilton Als

Reading White Girls one comes smack up against the most unpleasant of truths: America is neither post-racial, post-queer, nor post-feminist…. read more

In Remembrance: Julia Penelope, Lesbian Theorist

Julia Penelope was from another era, an era that is truly bygone. Unlike those other theorists, her work was so controversial, so revolutionary, so for lesbians only that what she said often created outrage, even among other lesbians and feminists…. read more