An Evening with Felice Picano

A delicious evening of rumor and scandal, mostly confirmed, in words and pictures with author Felice Picano From his book, 20th Century Unlimited: Two Novellas           GAY HOLLYWOOD IN THE 1930’s Several unfortunate events–the Great Depression, the rise of Hitler and Fascism in Germany, and the establishment of the Hayes Code of behavior in film–led… read more

'Nights at Rizzoli' by Felice Picano

The palimpsest of revolution and cosmopolitanism that overlays Picano’s recollections is of course utterly appropriate to the post-Stonewall years he describes… read more

'20th Century Un-Limited' by Felice Picano

The maturation of LGBT literature provides a vast array of authors, genres, and styles from which a reader chooses what books to enjoy. What a pleasure to see such diversity for our community, which once struggled to publish even the best of writers. New authors abound, coming from a solid amount of publishers. Yet within… read more

Book Lovers: April

Au contraire, Mr. Eliot, April is the most romantic month and we have a shower of new romances that will soften the hearts of even the romance wary (or weary)…. read more

Best Books 2011: Authors' Choice

Lambda Literary queried a cadre of authors (Edmund White, Susan Stinson, Jewelle Gomez, Dennis Cooper, Kelli Dunham, and many more) to answer the question: what was your favorite LGBTQ book of 2011?… read more