Name of Federico García Lorca's Lover Emerges After 70 Years

More than 70 years after Federico García Lorca was assassinated during the Spanish civil war, evidence of an affair with then 19-year-old Juan Ramírez de Lucas has sufaced. A young art critic, Ramírez de Lucas died in 2010. His sister received his box of mementos, which contained a never before seen poem and a diary. [Guardian]… read more

Charlie Vazquez: 5 Poets Who Changed My Life

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a classicist when it comes to poetry (and the fine arts in general), so I’ll blame the long line of queers and other renegades that created most of it! The five poets that changed my life are, and in no particular order… Charles Baudelaire – What is sexier… read more

Rigoberto González: 5 Poets Who Changed My Life

Any poet will say that it takes a community of poets to shape a single life, so it is with plenty of hesitation that I single out five of them, all but one of whom have passed on. Highlighting five makes me feel ungrateful to the other five hundred, but as I write and revise… read more