David McConnell: Murder, Discovery, and Punishment

“Murder is the complete annihilation of another person. Not to be simplistic or flip, but it’s the ultimate way of saying ‘I want to be alone!'”

David McConnell’s new book, American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men (Akashic Books), ostensibly about men who kill gay men, contains insight after insight into the culture of masculine identity.

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Queer Rites: 'Faitheist'

An atheist might be said to believe in everything that can be seen. Perhaps one could add a belief in the betterment of humankind, in improving the planet, and in an agreed upon ethical system of right and wrong: Do not kill, steal, cheat, discriminate, etc. Disregard for the ethical code and the offender (in… read more

Hilary Sloin: Fiction on Fire

“I put everything I had into this book, stayed with themes even when they stumped me, wrote from the darkest places and tried to find the humor to make even the most painful feelings knowable, communicable.”

Hilary Sloin, author of the genre-bending novel Art on Fire , took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about her novel, her writing process, and the lesbian literary sensibility…. read more

GunnShots: Top 10 Gay Crime Films

When friends, including mystery writers, learned that I was compiling my list of the ten best gay film mysteries, several expressed surprise that I could find that many. Actually, my problem was narrowing down the enormous number of possibilities. The new edition of my book The Gay Male Sleuth in Print and Film (Scarecrow Press, November… read more

Who's Afraid of Sexy Women?

I remember this moment when I was much younger, about eight or nine, at my grandma’s house. We were watching a movie with a woman singing in a bright blue dress made of tiny blue sequins. Her hair was brushed back, smooth like caramel, and I remember thinking that she was very pretty. A crowd… read more

Book Lovers: Ban This! The Novels of Elliott Mackle

When acclaimed gay novelist Elliott Mackle asked the director of the University of Miami’s writers’ workshop if he had any talent, the director replied, “Talent?  Of course you have talent but talent is cheap.  You have to write and write and write and see what you come up with and where you can go.”… read more

Read an Excerpt from 'I Told You So: Gore Vidal Talks Politics'

This November, OR Books, will be releasing I Told So: Gore Vidal Talks Politics—writer and radio host Jon Wiener’s exciting compilation of four interviews with Gore Vidal. Vidal, who died this past July, is known for his groundbreaking work as a novelist, essayist, and screenwriter—often exploring themes of homosexuality and social injustices—though he was “never… read more