'The Asylum' by Simon Doonan

Barneys Creative Ambassador-at-Large Simon Doonan has made a name for himself in what he describes as his “jarring and punky and intentionally shocking” window displays. In his new book The Asylum, a collection of fashion-related autobiographical essays, Doonan also continues to make a name for himself as a writer…. read more

Simon Doonan: Bloodhound of Fabulosity

“I find it really fun and interesting to be gay now. The culture you get to enjoy is so hilarious and diverse and full of camp. There is such an appreciation of camp and surrealism. It’s a banquet.”

Author and creative director at Barney’s, Simon Doonan’s sixth book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat offers help for the helpless, through the well-manicured hands of gay men. Part self-help, part humorously anecdotal, and part manifesto dedicated to simply loving the gayness that makes you…well, you; Gay Men Don’t Get Fat mainly serves to help those that need a bit of encouragement to walk a bit more fiercely on this planet.

Doonan took some time to talk with Lambda about the unconventionality of being gay, his favourite literary divas, and the wonders of gay slang. … read more