'The Dubious Salvation of Jack V.' by Jacques Strauss

The Dubious Salvation of Jack V. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) is a gay coming-of-age novel by newcomer Jacques Strauss, and that much information alone is telling. If, for instance, you’ve noted that Jack and Jacques are in fact the same name, you may be asking yourself, “Could The Dubious Salvation be an autobiographical first novel?”… read more

'The Intimates' by Ralph Sassone

With Ralph Sassone’s first novel, the story attempts to show the delicate intricacies between friendship and romance between a gay man, Robbie, and a straight woman, Maize. Since it is understood that their relationship will not be sexual in nature, the narrative then shifts to show how “romance” goes beyond physical intimacy. Except it is… read more

Most Anticipated LGBT (Relevant) Books of Fall 2010

UPDATE 9/13/10: Fall 2010 signals the publication of several high-profile books, including one we’ve been waiting for since February. From a few well-known authors (Emma Donoghue), to a relative unknown (Tristan Garcia), to a Grammy winner (Ricky Martin), the fall book line up is all over the map. Here are 12 books (in no particular… read more