'Wild Beauty' by Anna-Marie McLemore

The characters in Anna-Marie McLemore’s new fantasy novel are brilliant, beautiful, and powerful, bound by their love for each other, and their capacity to love others—regardless of gender or class…. read more

'Waycaller' by D.J. McPhee

Jack Gordon thinks he’s going mad. The same thing happened to his mother, who believed in magic (and elves and dragons and monsters). Jack is understandably ashamed of his mother’s madness, and of the terrible crime she committed years earlier, before disappearing from his life forever…. read more

‘The Pyramid Waltz’ by Barbara Ann Wright

Demons come in varying forms and perhaps not all demons are equally evil. In The Pyramid Waltz, the kingdom of Farraday holds secrets traditionally known only to the royal family. Every five years, the king holds a ball, during which the royals engage in a dance called the pyramid waltz. If only the subjects of… read more

'The Empress Sword' by Paulette Jaxton

With a kingdom to save and a dragon to slay, not to mention the loss of a dear friend and the first stirrings of a childhood crush, transitioning into a female is literally the least important problem on Crown Prince Aster’s mind…. read more

'Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories' by Sandra McDonald

Consider these three words when reading Sandra McDonald’s Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories “wait for it.” Like her titular character, Diana Comet, McDonald’s collection is far more than it appears.  What at first blush resembles a collection of loosely connected stories with curious climaxes and sideways references soon resolves into a much larger image of… read more

'Centuries Ago and Very Fast' by Rebecca Ore

CENTURIES AGO AND VERY FAST By Rebecca Ore Aqueduct Press ISBN: 9781933500256 Trade Paperback, $16, 158p Lambda Award Finalist Centuries Ago and Very Fast, by Rebecca Ore, brings the plight of the immortal in love with a short-lived human into the light of day by removing the common vampiric explanation and instead making the longevity… read more