Book Lovers: Places I Read About on My Summer Vacation

Being flat broke in Vegas and not much of a world traveler in any case, I let my imagination soar above baggage checks and TSA searches to journey to exotic locales safe in the hands of some capable m/m romance writers.  If your vacation hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, it isn’t too late to… read more

Jim Provenzano: Muscle Memory

The love between teen boyfriends Reid Conniff and Everett Forrester is threatened when Everett suffers a disabling sports injury in Every Time I Think of You, the 2012 Lambda Award winning romance novel by Jim Provenzano.  It is a theme that Provenzano explored in his first novel, PINS (Myrmidude Press, 1999).  I wondered what meaning sports injuries have for him personally, and for his work
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Book Lovers: April

Au contraire, Mr. Eliot, April is the most romantic month and we have a shower of new romances that will soften the hearts of even the romance wary (or weary)…. read more