'If Jesus Were Gay' by Emanuel Xavier

A survivor of the gritty NYC streets, Emanuel Xavier shaped the troubling details and experiences of his past into arresting spoken-word performance pieces that were first published as Pier Queen in 1997. Since then he has undertaken other challenges–novelist, editor, and literary activist–building a strong reputation as a writer who is frank about sex and… read more

'If Jesus Were Gay' by Emanuel Xavier

When I received this book my first question when I opened it was, “why am I getting this?” Isn’t there a poetry editor?  Does someone think poems about the men we love, the men who dump us, and poems about our self doubt and heartbreak are erotic literature?  To me those poems are the stories… read more

What if Jesus Were Gay?

With Easter upon us several new books tackle one particular subject matter: Jesus and homosexuality. Perhaps this isn’t a new concept, but a topical one nonetheless. Why does the idea of a gay Jesus provoke such visceral reactions from both believers and nonbelievers alike? This month, at least four authors are challenging traditional notions about… read more

'Mariposas' by Emanuel Xavier

Although Cuban-American Rafael Campo is a much anthologized, multiple-award winning poet and author, it remains difficult for openly gay Latino writers to be published, and challenging for readers to discover their work. As poet (Pier Queen, Americanos) and novelist (Christ-Like) Emanuel Xavier notes, “There have been many books gathering voices from the Latino experience but… read more