Welcome Back, Joe Joe Harding has come home after an eighteen-month tour of duty in Vietnam in Elliott Mackle’s latest Joe Harding book, Welcome Home, Captain Harding from Lethe Press. Mackle has a way of opening our eyes to the present by remembering the past. Just as our Afghan troops are recycled in and out… read more

Book Lovers: Ban This! The Novels of Elliott Mackle

When acclaimed gay novelist Elliott Mackle asked the director of the University of Miami’s writers’ workshop if he had any talent, the director replied, “Talent?  Of course you have talent but talent is cheap.  You have to write and write and write and see what you come up with and where you can go.”… read more

GunnShots: Fall 2012

Here are my recommendations for good reads in crime fiction for this fall: ten novels by Rob Byrnes, Dorien Grey, Steve Neil Johnson, Geoffrey Knight/Ethan Day, Christopher Lord, Elliott Mackle, Melissa Scott, Scott Sherman, Richard Stevenson, and Mark Zubro as well as two short stories by Marshall Thornton and Zubro. They are all, with the… read more

Book Lovers: April

Au contraire, Mr. Eliot, April is the most romantic month and we have a shower of new romances that will soften the hearts of even the romance wary (or weary)…. read more

Book Lovers: The 12 Nights of Christmas

“And visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.” I follow the old tradition and believe that Christmas should be properly celebrated from Christmas Eve on December 24 through the Epiphany on January 6—the 12 days of Christmas. This also means that I get to cash in on all the after Christmas inventory clearance sales… read more

'Captain Harding’s Six-Day War' by Elliott Mackle

In 1967, Captain Harding is working his way up the promotion ladder within the U.S. Air Force.  He’s a go-getter with a head on his shoulders and a talent for fixing problems. He is also gay. The story begins with Captain Harding arriving at his new assignment, the post of executive officer for Wheelus Air… read more

Atlanta Queer Literary Festival [Slideshow]

The 2010 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival took place earlier this month. Author and AQLF board member, Collin Kelley, shared this slideshow with LambdaLiterary.org. The premiere LGBT literary Festival in Atlanta, the 4th annual AQLF brought together a diverse assortment of poets, novelists and authors for a week-long celebration of readings by some of our favorites,… read more

Keynotes for AQLF announced

Cary Alan Johnson and Ana Božičević headline Atlanta Queer Literary Festival The Atlanta Queer Literary Festival—the premiere LGBT literary Festival in Atlanta—brings together a diverse assortment of poets, novelists, and authors for a weeklong celebration of readings by some of our favorites including Lambda Award finalists Ana Božičević, Amy King, Elliott Mackle and Daniel Allen… read more