Trans Teens & Drag Queens

A Look at Gender in YA Fiction I’ve always been interested in gender and how it intersects with sexuality.  It’s something almost everyone in the GLBT community deals with on a daily basis, whether we think about it or not.  From the effeminate gay boys and butch lesbians who don’t fit into the gender norms,… read more

10 LGBT Teen Novels that Tackle Teen Suicide & Bullying

In September, the suicide of 18-year-old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi was a tragic close to a shocking month of gay teens taking their own lives. Clementi’s dormmate secretly recorded the teen having sex with another man, sent out messages on Twitter and broadcast it across the Internet. Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge…. read more

Can Straight Authors Write Queer Too?

In 2003, Allison Burnett’s debut novel Christopher was published. Since it features B.K. Troop, a gay protagonist, the editor just naturally assumed the author was gay as well. But he was not, and furthermore, he felt very uncomfortable upon learning that he would have to keep his heterosexuality a secret. (His agent told him to… read more

10 Outstanding LGBT Teen Reads
(from the last 10 years)

When I wrote my first novel, Rainbow Boys, I was writing the book I wished had been available when I was a teen—a book that would’ve told me: “It’s okay to be who you are.” I never imagined that with its 2001 my book would set off an ever-growing parade of LGBT-themed books for and… read more