'What Weaponry' by Elizabeth J. Colen

Once Elizabeth J. Colen lays an image down (and she lays images down one at a time, like celluloids or tracing paper), it’s impossible to un-see or un-know it. And—the most remarkable of all— the truths she constructs are far more nuanced and intuitive to the human condition…. read more

Elizabeth J. Colen: Grand Conspiracy Theories

“…I realized that what conspiracy theories are—if they aren’t true—are our way of seeking order, of making sense of the chaos of these terrible events…”

In her recent book of poems, Waiting Up for the End of the World, Elizabeth J. Colen examines conspiracy theories from the 20th and 21st centuries—anything from Area 51, the fluoride conspiracy, chemtrails, the North American Union, the assassination of JFK, and much more.

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'Money for Sunsets' by Elizabeth J. Colen

Lambda Literary Award Finalist A body washes up on an unnamed beach in the Pacific Northwest. So begins Elizabeth Colen’s first book of poetry, Money for Sunsets, a book bearing striking similarity to the shores that it describes. Combing through these pages, the reader will come across some of the expected and some surprises; some… read more