James Earl Hardy Remembers E. Lynn Harris

Too many people believed we were rivals; that had more to do with their buying into the very racist and homophobic notion that there wasn’t room in the literary universe for more than one Negro homo [at a time]. I was tagged the younger upstart trying to usurp his mentor. We would laugh about it;… read more

Just As He Was: E. Lynn Harris

Only just now, I’ve begun to realize that my life as a reader and writer was already laid out for me on my mother’s living room bookshelf. From her hardback copy of Brian Lanker’s I Dream A World to her paperback copies of Another Country, The Color Purple, and Sula. I can’t help but feel… read more

L. Lamar Wilson Remembers E. Lynn Harris

James Baldwin was the first writer I encountered who showed me the timeless power that fearlessness on the page has. Likewise, Audre Lorde, Essex Hemphill and Melvin Dixon’s voices gird me each time I sit to grapple with this work. At the heart of all of their work is the quest for love & dignity,… read more

Stanley Bennett Clay Remembers E. Lynn Harris

I first met Lynn in the early nineties, just as his well-deserved star began illuminating the literary horizon, thanks to Doubleday’s publication of his self-published phenom Invisible Life. At the time I was publisher and editor-in-chief of SBC Magazine, the largest national monthly for the Black LGBT community. I knew immediately that this was a… read more

Kimberla Lawson Roby Remembers E. Lynn Harris

E. Lynn was not only a very dear friend of mine, but he was by far one of the kindest, most loyal and most caring persons I’ve ever known. He was also an extremely talented writer who knew how to tell the kind of stories his readers simply couldn’t get enough of, and the irony of it all was… read more

Reginald Harris Remembers E. Lynn Harris

In the autograph line at a black librarian’s conference, I once asked E. Lynn Harris, “Who do you see as your audience?” Perhaps there was more than a touch of snark in my tone at the time. Although for many of us the first time we had encountered stories about black gay men was in the pages of one… read more

Terrance Dean Remembers E. Lynn Harris

E. Lynn Harris was not only a mentor to me, but a friend. He encouraged me to share my stories and helped me to understand the power of my words, and voice. As a fan of Lynn, in reading his works, I felt he embodied the Harlem Renaissance, the spirit of the social activism of James Baldwin, the cunning and wit of… read more

Just As He Is: An Interview with E. Lynn Harris (1997)

I first met E. Lynn Harris I had just moved to Washington in the winter of 1993 when I got a call from a writer with an unfamiliar name. Somehow, he had found a copy of an essay I had written for an unpublished anthology. He liked my essay and called to encourage me, indicating… read more

In Memoriam @ 2010 Lambda Literary Awards

This video screened at the 22nd Annual Lambda Literary Awards in New York City on May 27, 2010. The short film documents the LGBT/Queer literary lives we lost over the course of the year including E. Lynn Harris, James Purdy, Mary Wilbon, Ai, and Roberta Sandburg, among many others. May their literary legacy continue to… read more

New LGBT Books for June

UPDATED: LGBT Pride Month brings with it a whole host of new books, including memoirs by a gay icon, John Waters, and a not-so-gay icon, Christopher Hitchens, who nevertheless candidly explains exactly what went on at night in his all-boys boarding school in Cambridge. Hitchens’s book, Hitch-22, though not as queer-centric as most of these… read more