E. Lynn Harris: Life Visible

Having read so many of his novels, I was well-versed with the world of the closet that he wrote about. But I soon discovered that being his reader and being his editor were two different experiences…. read more

News of Note: June 17, 2011

Proteus Spann and Edmonds Productions are developing a feature film adaptation of E. Lynn Harris’s debut novel, Invisible Life. Proteus Spann and Edmonds Productions have signed a multi-picture deal to bring several of his works to the screen—with Invisible Life being the first of Harris’s novels to get the big screen treatment. Harris, who died… read more

Book Buzz: August 2010

Three out gay writers are among the 13 “long list” nominees for the prestigious Man Booker Prize for Fiction: Brit Emma Donoghue for Room, South African Damon Galgut for In a Strange Room, and Aussie Christos Tsiolkas for The Slap.  Emma was a joint winner of the 2008 Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction for… read more

Bil Wright Remembers E. Lynn Harris

When my first novel, Sunday You Learn How To Box, was going to be published, my editor sent it to E. Lynn for a possible quote. E. Lynn contacted her and said not only would he give a quote, he wanted to host a party for me when I came to Chicago on book tour…. read more

Frederick Smith Remembers E. Lynn Harris

One thing that many of my friends and I have in common is that the book Invisible Life by E. Lynn Harris affirmed who we were as young men coming of age. Or at least gave us a clue that we weren’t ‘the only one’ dealing with sexual orientation and coming of age. Many of… read more

Keith Boykin Remembers E. Lynn Harris

I first met E. Lynn Harris around 1994 when he was a slightly insecure young new writer with a dream. Even before he achieved his own success, Lynn helped to break others, including myself, into the publishing business. I had no idea he would go on to become a prolific literary powerhouse in both the… read more