GunnShots: Winter 2012

Fall saw a number of gems for mystery fans. Garry Ryan’s new Detective Lane novel and David Lennon’s new Quarter Boys mystery are topnotch. A first novel by Russ Gregory, though it was initially harder-going, kept me engrossed once I got into it. The sequel to Ralf König’s graphic novel about NYPD’s detective Luigi Macaroni… read more

GunnShots: Fall 2011

The end of a hot and extremely dry summer brought a number of enjoyable distractions. Richard Stevenson’s latest Don Strachey case shows author and P.I. back in top form, thirty years after their debut. There were second novels from Joseph R.G. DeMarco and Scott Sherman. Jordan Castillo Price and Andrea Speed continued their alternate universe… read more

Dirk Vanden: Pioneer Of Gay Literature

“There are those who believe that Gay Liberation started at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village on June 28, 1969. That is like believing that a flower can blossom without having been planted…” Before a series of landmark decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning obscenity, beginning in 1957 and accelerating and changing direction throughout… read more

GunnShots: Summer 2011

Finally I succumbed and bought an e-book reader. I’ve not quite made the mental switch yet, with the results that I have twenty-two new mysteries downloaded but unread. The majority of them are really romances, but a few are obviously squarely in the traditional genre…. read more

GunnShots: Spring 2011

A Roundup of Gay Crime Writing by Wayne Gunn Pickings were so slim all winter long that I thought there would be no spring column. But in March, a few worthy reads popped up at my favorite bookstore. Missing from their number was Rob Rosen’s anticipated Hawaiian comedy Hot Lava. It seems to be available… read more

GunnShots: Summer 2010

Bullets . . . DATE WITH A SHEESHA By Anthony Bidulka Insomniac Press ISBN 9781897178904 Paperback, 262 p., $16.95 Was Neil Gupta murdered by Muslim gay bashers in the emirate of Dubai, as his father believes? Or was his death the result of a mythical carpet he was searching for, as private investigator Russell Quant… read more

'The Golden Age of Gay Fiction' Edited by Drewey Wayne Gunn

Lambda Award Finalist The first gay novel I read, The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren, was published in 1975. It changed the way I viewed myself and my relationship with the world around me. It released an inner being that I had kept locked in a deep cave, and finally gave me a picture… read more

'Silver Lake' by Peter Gadol

Lambda Award Finalist There is much that is dark in this book: both psychic darkness within the characters and actual physical darkness since several of the key scenes take place at night. But the impression that I carry with me about Silver Lake, nearly two months after I read it, is one of luminosity. The… read more

'What We Remember' by Michael Thomas Ford

In his fifth novel and first foray into the murder mystery, Michael Thomas Ford proves he is not only one of our very best writers but already master of the mystery genre. Though the book’s short chapters might make it ideal for a long airplane ride, its deeply satisfying psychological complexity rules it out as… read more