'The Uncollected David Rakoff' by David Rakoff

David Rakoff was here. He made us laugh, he made us weep, he made us think. The Uncollected Works are some of his best and some of his not-so-best, but they are all him and as such, to be cherished… read more

'A Little Life' by Hanya Yanagihara

What begins as an atmospheric bildungsroman set in a mythically ahistorical New York City morphs by slow degrees into a harrowing meditation on otherness and the redemptive possibilities of survival and friendship… read more

Watch the Book Trailer for David Rakoff's Final Book

Last summer, the LGBT literary community suffered a huge loss when beloved writer and humorist David Rakoff died after a protracted battle with cancer. This July, almost a year after his passing, Doubleday is posthumously releasing Rakoff’s first full length novel Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish. The never-before-published book is an expansive, humane, and witty examination of twentieth century America…. read more

'David Hockney: A Rake's Progress' by Christopher Simon Sykes

Christopher Simon Sykes’s new biography of Hockney is the first in a planned two-volume set; this one covers 1937 to 1975. This is not a biography that will entice those seeking gossip. Instead, it offers rich research and details about how Hockney grew up…… read more

Just As He Is: An Interview with E. Lynn Harris (1997)

I first met E. Lynn Harris I had just moved to Washington in the winter of 1993 when I got a call from a writer with an unfamiliar name. Somehow, he had found a copy of an essay I had written for an unpublished anthology. He liked my essay and called to encourage me, indicating… read more