Doug Ireland: Remembering a Radical Voice

Doug wrote extensively and compassionately on sexual and racial equality, the rights of the poor, immigrants and AIDS, though admittedly, his writing was more often used as a sledgehammer against injustice than it was as a valentine to friends… read more

When I Call Myself Bisexual

“When I call myself bisexual, I’m naming myself….I’m also opening myself up to other people’s interpretations—favorable or not—of what that means to them.”… read more

On Meeting Harry Hay

“[…] gay activist-leaders of the old school can be tough and enduring (Del Martin, Phyllis Lyon, Barbara Gittings, Frank Kameny among them), and Harry was no exception.”… read more

Editing Ben Gazzara

Acclaimed actor Ben Gazzara died two years ago this month. Magnus Books editor Don Weise recalls working with Gazzara on his memoirs and reflects on the actor’s substantial legacy.   “Darling, stop being a cocktease and send me your goddamn edits.” No, this wasn’t Truman Capote phoning. It was movie tough-guy Ben Gazzara eager to get started… read more