David McConnell: Murder, Discovery, and Punishment

“Murder is the complete annihilation of another person. Not to be simplistic or flip, but it’s the ultimate way of saying ‘I want to be alone!'”

David McConnell’s new book, American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men (Akashic Books), ostensibly about men who kill gay men, contains insight after insight into the culture of masculine identity.

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'The Marbled Swarm' by Dennis Cooper

Structured like a gruesome Möbius strip, Dennis Cooper’s latest novel, The Marbled Swarm (Harper Perennial), is a carnivalesque switchback of secret passageways, incest, cannibalism and a haunting sense of isolation…. read more

Dennis Cooper: Florid Mysteries

“I’m really afraid of repeating myself or writing a book that just doesn’t need to exist for me. I don’t want to get to the point where I’m just writing stuff, where everybody’s like, ‘here’s another one of these stupid books…’… read more

Ira Silverberg: Opinions from a Literary Life

“I don’t have a problem with a place at the table, and I don’t have a problem with a place at the table for my clients, but I think it’s all about the work. Are you good, or are you not good?” Ira Silverberg’s life in publishing owes much to the allure of a tall… read more

'Horror Hospital Unplugged' by Dennis Cooper and Keith Mayerson

I come up against the same problem every time I try to discuss Dennis Cooper’s work. Transgressive work creates a visceral experience that is deeply subjective, even when using societal morals as an anchor point, and discussing Cooper’s work in a formal framework always has the effect of minimizing the statement of the work. He… read more

New in June: Cherrie Moraga, Bob Smith, and Dennis Cooper

Celebrate Pride with a sexy summer read including new fiction from Bob Smith, Todd Gregory, Dennis Cooper, and Joan Opyr. Quarantine, one of our “highly-anticipated” books of the year by Rahul Mehta –included in the Lambda Literary Awards gift bags — debuts this month. Richard Dellamora’s biography of Radclyffe Hall promises an unputdownable read of one… read more

'Ugly Man' by Dennis Cooper

In his twelfth book, Ugly Man, celebrated noir stylist Dennis Cooper treads territory familiar to the many fans of his extremist oeuvre: for instance, Satanism and the kidnapping, torture, sexual assault and murder of teens and young boys. Plumbing these depths, Cooper provides readers with some provocative insights into the human mind and extreme manifestations… read more