'How To Be Gay' by David M. Halperin

Contrary to what conservatives feared back in 2000 when he taught his first course at the University of Michigan titled “How to Be Gay”, David Halperin does not have a “Straight to Sissy in Five Easy Steps” method of indoctrinating youths into the gay lifestyle. How to Be Gay is not an instruction manual, nor is it a “learning to love yourself” self-help guide. Rather, Halperin’s book is an intervention against those who trumpet the “death of gay culture.”… read more

'Gay Shame' edited by David M. Halperin & Valerie Traub

David M. Halperin and Valerie Traub’s anthology Gay Shame (University of Chicago Press) is an important new addition to the expanding discipline of Queer Studies and will be of interest to academics, activists, and anyone curious about theoretical analysis of our community. This body of work grew directly out of a conference by the same… read more