'Don't Call Us Dead' by Danez Smith

In Don’t Call Us Dead, Smith’s attention moves from the violence perpetrated on black boys to queerness and HIV and back to race, using startling forms and imaginative leaps…. read more

'Seed' by David Eye

Eye’s poems give us the surprising and varied complexity of human relationships: from a video booth encounter and some quick sex with a married man, to an impromptu make-out session with a straight blonde girl in a bar, to an unassuming woman on a bus carrying a copy of Leathermen’s Guide to the Universe…. read more

'Blindsight' by Greg Hewett

Greg Hewett’s fifth collection engages with memory and sight and the limitations—indeed, fallibility—of each. As he explores his own failing eyesight, the poet seems to distrust “mere” sight, as well as the language we use to describe our seen lives… read more

'Straight Razor' by Randall Mann

There are ways in which this collection of poems (by turns light and searing) doesn’t necessarily want the reader to get too comfortable…. read more

David Eye, "Dance Bar"

This week, two poems by David Eye.

Eye earned a midlife MFA at Syracuse University in 2008, and teaches creative writing and composition at Manhattan College in the Bronx. His poems have appeared in Bloom, The Louisville Review, Stone Canoe, and others. His chapbook, Rain Leaping Up When a Cab Goes Past, has been selected for the Editor’s Series at Seven Kitchens Press.
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