10 Reasons Not to Miss this Year's Poets Forum

New Yorkers have a lot to look forward to in October: leather weather (finally!), oversized sweaters, some of the most inventive and intricate Halloween costumes in the world–and, of course, since 2007, the Academy of American Poets’ annual Poets Forum. Poets Forum is a celebration and examination of the form, where some of the sharpest and most exciting voices in American poetry gather to share their work and discuss their processes. Here’s ten reasons (of many) not to miss this year…… read more

'Amorous Shepherd' by Dante Micheaux

Amorous Shepherd is an amazingly ambitious book. By every measure its range is large. Formally, Micheaux is a master, but not a show off. His concerns and subjects are geographically diverse and span a good three thousand years. Speakers don’t seem to reappear, and rarely would we guess they are Micheaux himself. Despite how different… read more