‘Night Soil’ by Dale Peck

Night Soil is a remarkable novel that explores many themes simultaneously—the relationship between a single mother and her son, the repercussions of racism in America, the abuse of our environment—all through the life of an unique gay character… read more

Dale Peck: Lost and Found

With the publication of The Garden of Lost & Found, Dale Peck comes one step closer to completing the five-novel cycle he conceived of in the mid-90s. Drawing inspiration from a familiar cast of characters as well as his adopted home town of New York City, Peck delivers a novel that explores family, sexuality, AIDS, and the resiliency of the city.

The prolific novelist and sometimes critic chatted with Lambda Literary about his career, his latest novel’s long road to publication, and the evolving face of publishing in the twenty-first century…. read more

Don't Miss Dale Peck and Justin Torres Reading Tonight at Pete's Candy Store

If you happen to be in New York City and are looking for an awesome way to spend your Friday evening, check out tonight’s reading at Pete’s Candy Store. 2010-12 Stegner Fellow and best-selling author Justin Torres (We the Animals) will be reading with 2009 Lambda Literary Award-winner Dale Peck (Sprout) at7:30 pm, 709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY…. read more

A Conversation with Dale Peck and Abdellah Taïa

PEN World Voices Festival Dispatch True or false? Abdellah Taïa is the first openly gay author from Morocco. Taïa adores French actress Isabelle Adjani. Taïa had homoerotic feelings towards his older brother. Taïa recommends the Café de France in Casablanca. Taïa is Muslim. All the answers have been true…. read more