'Prelude to Bruise' by Saeed Jones

“Using rhythm and invented rhyme as a vehicle, the poems in Prelude to Bruise sing a song of the self that manages to be both highly personal and wholly recognizable.”… read more

'Leche' by R. Zamora Linmark

In the opening pages of R. Zamora Linmark’s sprawling new novel, Leche (Coffee House Press), a young gay Filipino-born American, Vince de Los Reyes, returns to the Philippines only to be told at Immigration that now that he owns a U.S. passport he is no longer truly Filipino…. read more

Greg Hewett, "echo 97"

In this Thursday’s Poetry Spotlight, a poem from Greg Hewett’s darkacre (Coffee House Press), one of this year’s Lambda Literary Award finalists for Gay Male Poetry…. read more

Remembering Akilah Oliver

A Visionary Queer Black Writer The below letter was written on February 24, 2011, in the evening shortly after hearing about Akilah’s passing, may she rest in peace, and posted on my wall in Facebook. I had just finished a conversation with Nancy Agabian over the phone, in which we discussed news of her death,… read more