Autobiography of Childhood by Sina Queyras

This is no bucolic childhood. Sina Queyras’s Autobiography of Childhood (Coach House Books) is a novel about grief, about anger, about familial obligation and madness and conflict. It is an internal, abstracted construction of family…. read more

‘Monoceros’ by Suzette Mayr

Canadian novelist Suzette Mayr recently published her fourth novel, Monoceros (Coach House Books), which examines the timely subject of gay teen suicide through the eyes of a variety of characters who did not know the dead boy well. It’s an interesting way to approach the topic, and makes the point that suicide affects a larger circle of people than immediate family and friends…. read more

'The Inquisition Yours' by Jen Currin

2011 Lambda Literary Award Finalist When first diving into Jen Currin’s The Inquisition Yours (Coach House), I found myself explicating line by line, approaching her poetry like a puzzle, sure I would understand if only I found the key. Often, I approach surrealist poetry this way; part of the joy of reading surrealist poetry is… read more

Jen Currin, "In Breath"

Today, a poem from Jen Currin’s The Inquisition Yours (Coach House Books), another finalist for this year’s Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Poetry and this year’s winner of the Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Poetry…. read more

'Joy Is So Exhausting' by Susan Holbrook

Susan Holbrook’s Joy Is So Exhausting is a collection of poems filled with clever wordplay and witty recrafting of borrowed words. It relies heavily on literary devices, perhaps the unifying property which holds the collection together, turning the mundane into the comical and the cliché to a whimsical game. The result: a dizzying joyride which… read more